• Dave LeGear

All Natural Bug Repellents

As many know, I am simply not a fan of all these brewed up chemical compounds we spray on us to help keep the bugs at bay. This is the reason I am big fan of this product and have used it for many years now:

And here is a quick video on this product and how to apply / use it:

Now you may smell like a pencil some, but it is all natural should not spook wildlife (Deer stand tested I was advised) not stain most things, while much safer to use and South Florida swamp tested and approved by yours truly!

However, many times, I run outside with my camera to grab some quick shots. This or jump on the Skiff, and I just don't either have time, or think about putting it on as I run out the door... Then, within a few minutes the scourge of the Planet (Sand Gnats / No See Ums) set out to maul me from the Swamp I live nearby.

And they are so bad at times, that the Mosquitos are no where to be seen. No Sir, the Sand Gnats have found and jumped them, and now wiping them out! Trust me, they are some Bad Little Girls! This since (as I read) only the females bite you, looking for mammal blood to lay eggs... And a bunch of guys here just laughed out loud I am sure!

The only saving grace for us in South Florida, is wind! If no breeze is blowing, then you better have something on if not, then not all of you will make it back... Now, it's not a very good diet plan though, they just don't eat enough for it to show up on the scales. Well, maybe, if I was not running to get back inside and slowed down more, maybe they could grab a pound or two?

So, to that end, I did some research and shopping and finally landed on this soap / product line, and it seems to work well!

And since I use it when I take a shower, I really don't have to put much thought into using other products later. This unless, I have been out sweating to death to which again I just jump back into the Rain Locker (Shower) to cool back off, and use it all over again to get back on me.

And a quick helpful video on these products which helps to show how to use them:

So, give it a try and see if it helps you? And don't forget, they are both are...

Now you can order and try either one of these products, and have it shipped right to your location simply by clicking on any of the product pictures seen above.

Hope this helps keep you from getting chewed up, without having to cover yourself in yet another (still yet to be determined) cancer causing chemical...

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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