• Dave LeGear

How shopping helps CFCW (Captain's for Clean Water)

And if you are not familiar with the problem and those who have stepped up on our mutual behalf to help correct it (and it can be corrected thankfully) here is a quick video on the issue:

Here though is a very simple way and effort to help CFCW that I am sure many are not aware of, and already spending money on Amazon to buy goods and items already! And that is via the use of and choose CFCW for you Amazon Smile donations!

The process is simple the next time you are on Amazon getting ready to buy yet another item or toy for yourself or others 😊 Simply choose or update your charity of choice to Captains For Clean Water Inc. and see if the item you are getting ready to have shipped to your home (many are nowadays) qualify for the Amazon Smile donation program?

This or make it simpler and just update your saved Amazon link you have saved now to this one and always shop at smile.amazon.com before making your next purchase and use that link going forward...

And if you are not well versed on Amazon Smile, there is a page to review the program and how it all works located Here

It all helps and though so far this year, the donation level for CFCW is nothing to really write home about...

Naturally, the more of us that select CFCW for those donations though, the more will get routed their way for something most of us are already doing by shopping there even more so, in the (what feels like that by now does it not?) Era of COVID-19... And if nothing else, helps to offset the soaring Fuel costs to support their efforts to visit various locations and trips to Tallahassee to help keep this effort on track while others, are trying to derail it!

And it is now able to get used on the Amazon App that most of us already have on our Phone and Tablets.

Hope this helps, thank you for your help with this effort and Many Blessings!


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