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Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project (IRLCRP)

Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project

As discussed with Captain (Brother) Blair Wiggins on our episode number 14 Podcast, found here:

We are working on another podcast to cover this important project more in-depth that is helping (naturally as designed originally) the Indian River Lagoon system recover from the effects of poor and sometimes hazardous water quality conditions found there. Here is a quick overview of the project:

If you watch before our Podcast is recorded and posted with Brother Blair and other important project stakeholders should be very educational! If you would like to read more about the Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project (IRLCRP) you can by clicking here or watch more related videos on it, which can be found by clicking Here

Also, if you would like to donate to the IRLCRP (every little bit helps!), you can do so by clicking Here

We here on Flats Nation applaud these awesome efforts to help heal one of the once, and soon again, great fisheries here in Florida! It was well known for trophy Sea Trout (among other Flats Fishing targeted species) and the 9.2 Billion Dollar annual economic value that Recreational Fishing (alone) brings to our Great State and Nation!

You can find out more about those positive impacts and the Sea Trout stock levels that are under near-constant threats now from water quality and over-harvest. Along with some logical ways to help reverse such by clicking Here

Sea Trout

And we suspect that you will be surprised, like others, to find out some of this information that most were not even aware of... This topic has been discussed with Brother Mike Anderson and the team on the Reel Animals Radio Show more than once, and you can hear one of the more recent chats below:

Looking forward to having Brother Blair back on again soon to cover this import project and help in those efforts for the Indian River Lagoon Clam Restoration Project (IRLCRP). We also discuss it more on this one with Captain Leiza on this more recent Podcast:

In the meantime,

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Flats Nation Performance wear in the blend-in colors we now have.
Flats Nation Performance wear in the blend-in colors we now have.

Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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