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ISLA Mapping (FMT Chip) chart update crew openings

FMT Chip
Announcement from Florida Marine Tracks.

ISLA is seeking a few select boaters from our existing user community to be a part of our charting update crew...

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"As an ISLA user, you know that over the last few years the Areas, Tracks, and Icon Point features on our Chart have become more comprehensive and consequently many of the details provided are greater than you find on other charting products. ISLA includes many important chart features other companies choose to exclude such as Obstacles, Signs and Posts, local buoys, and Tracks. The overall accuracy of the location of these features is also extremely high. Thus, currently, our chart is well-developed concerningfishermen the things that matter for recreational inshore boaters and fisherman and pros alike.

Creating the Chart that exists today was the culmination of thousands of hours of on-the-water surveys over several years backed up by recent aerial imagery verification. The update process continues every month. For the first approximately 10 years, the update work was completed exclusively by me and then about three years ago an additional person began to assist.

As ISLA is positioning to expand to other States and scale its coverage, it has become necessary for me to begin to associate with a small select number of the thousands of existing ISLA users around the State of FL and LA who have a desire to assist me in keeping the existing chart updated. When PVC stakes come and go, bars move at passes, posts are replaced by buoys, new navigational features are installed or moved or new obstacles may be discovered, I endeavor to get it to put on the chart as quickly as possible and ideally with to the foot accuracy.

To this end, I am currently soliciting inquiries from our customer base who appreciate what the product is and wish to be a part of keeping ISLA's map features as up-to-date and accurate as possible in their local areas of expertise. This is not a full-time job but rather a unique opportunity to be a part of ISLA on a part-time trip-by-trip basis where map improvements and adjustments you find in areas you run routinely may be noted and clearly marked on your GPS, shared, and discussed directly with me, and ultimately put on our chart.

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If you are interested in participating with me to keep ISLA chart features as up-to-date and accurate as possible, write me a short note at about yourself and your boat(s) and why you think you would be a good fit for this. We hope to associate with 10 to 12 people across the State of Florida who have a penchant for detail and accuracy and want to be a part of the ISLA legacy. You don’t have to be a captain or a guide, but you do have to run a boat that works for the job, have a passion for detail, have good familiarity with your local waters, and have an appreciation for quality. This is not going to be “Community Edits” like you see on other products."

For those interested in partnering with ISLA in this effort, some additional resources can be found on the links below...

  • ISLA Mapping / Florida Marine Tracks home page can be found by clicking Here

  • Flats Nation Product review can be found by clicking Here

  • Flats Nation Podcast with Glenn where we pull a deep dive into the development, hardware needed as well and use tips is Episode # 8 can be found by clicking Here

Or, you can also hear it on the Flats Nation YouTube Channel!

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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