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Peter Fox - Johnston, Rhode Island

Very happy to introduce our latest Team Member here on Flats Nation Brother Peter Fox! And maybe better known by others in the Instagram World as "moonlightflyfishing" and just a great Fly fisherman. Peter has a great deal of passion for the Sport of Flats / Fly Fishing (yes, they have Flats Fishing up north also!) scene, and Peter has been working hard to bring attention to not only that fishery, but fishing where other craft simply cannot reach by accessing it on SUP's and other Paddle craft!

Nothing like picking a fight with Blues, Stripers or False Albacore all of which are great fighters on (basically) a Surfboard, which has just a (tad) amount of freeboard!

All I have to say is this... Love the idea and the passion Brother! And be thankful, very thankful, there is no Gators, Crocs up there not to mention Cottonmouths to come join you every now and then 😊

Some other interesting aspects of Peter... He spent his younger years between Tampa, FL, GA, SC, and Kansas. And lived all over the world from Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to Thailand, Japan and Whidbey Island Washington while (Thank you for your Service) in the US Navy!

He has been living in Rhode Island the last 24 years. Took up Fly Fishing over 20 years ago as a hobby and after teaching himself the basics, and only catching one trout his first year (been there done that) it soon became a passion and lifelong pursuit of his year after year, to improve his craft.

This from teaching himself to Spey cast, to tying his own flies, then moving to Saltwater fishing about 15 years ago where he spent the last 4 years or so focusing on chasing down Stripers on his 13.6 Dragonfly paddle board in the Saltwater ponds, Flats and the Estuaries of Rhode Island. More recently has been working on his GoPro skills making Fly Fishing videos from his paddle board or while out with local area fly guides while hiking and working the Flats.

Some other interesting aspects about Peter which makes him awesome as our NE Area Manager here on Flats Nation! He is a Lifetime member of Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fisherman. In 2008 he started a First Cast program with Northern Rhode Island Trout Unlimited to teach Fly Fishing to a small group of young girls, boys and teens instructing them on how to cast and tie flies.

He attended the LL Bean / FFF (Federation of Fly Fishers now FFI) Instructor Fly casting school in 2021 in Maine. This while doing his best when his full-time job allows such, to take annual trips to Florida to chase after Tarpon in Key West and Pine Island areas.

As he says "I don’t discriminate from 2WT -12WT… I will travel the world to Fly Fish!"

When asked... "When not Fly Fishing, my wife and I like going to festivals and concerts and jamming to music. I also enjoy spending family time at home or the outdoors with my 3 grown Children. To relax after a long day on the Salt I enjoy putting on some good music with a nice espresso, sometimes hot sometimes iced, and a good Cuban cigar. This while I log in my lessons learned on the water that day in my fishing journal" Well, we need enjoy some of that with him, and get our hands on that journal for sure! 😊

So, Peter is working on taking lead here on Flats Nation coverage wise...

  • The Flats Fishing scene in the Beautiful Northeastern part of the United States. This is maybe a lesser known (at least for now) area for many Flats / Fly Fishing junkies to get a fix! With proper planning, is a fishery with dudes worthy of "Picking a Fight" with! Tangled with a few myself when Stationed up there many, many, moons ago.

  • Conservation coverage and awareness for the area with one of the larger efforts is the removal of dams in the Northeast. Which should in time, then increase the numbers of larger foraging fish like Stripers and Blues. As explained to me on the issue, most of those dams are no longer used, and only blocking fish on those rives from reaching historical spawning grounds. Kind of reminds me the "Net Ban" here in Florida many years ago, and nothing like killing the nursery and then wondering (why) there are fewer fish around...?

  • Help in the coverage of the Paddle craft and how they are best used and employed for Inshore / Flats Fishing. Matter of fact, he is already working on an awesome SUP board primer that I have already seen a preview. It is excellent work and feel you will find it educational and should enjoy it, along with his future efforts on that topic!

  • And of course, share his is knowledge on Saltwater Fly Fishing, Tackle, Fly Patterns. As well as review other gear / clothing items needed to better target those species found in his and the surrounding waters. This while networking with other Guides, Fly / Tackle shops, etc. in the Northeast to help cover it here on Flats Nation and I foresee some great Podcasts topics on such soon!

Peter also has some fishing goals (aka dreams with target dates) of opening up a Fly Show in his local area, and securing a purpose designed Skiff for Guiding others on the Flats Fly Fishing for Stripers there. We are looking forward to helping Brother Peter reach both of those as much as we can!

We are very excited to have Peter (and his loving and supportive Bride) onboard with us here on Flats Nation!

And, we might just have to work on a special logo (maybe with a Striper?) just for Peter for that content and those articles here! 😊

If you any questions or ideas. This, or your company would like to Collaborate with Flats Nation in the Northeast for some targeted product / related Lifestyle coverage. You can reach Peter easy enough by sending an email to

We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you just cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

Our main podcast page that works great for your mobile devices since they will stream right on your phone / tablet can be found by clicking Here

And our new Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking Here and share them with family and friends if you find them Entertaining and Educational! We have some great guests in the works and planning stages on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

Tight Lines and God Bless!

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