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TidesPro - Flats Nation Special!

As discussed in our product review TidesPro - The Skiff Pilot's Preflight Planning Tool for your Phone or Tablet that you can read and review it by clicking Here

We now, have a special running with our friends over at TidesPro where you can now save 10% off TidesPro Premium - 1 year for just $10.49 and you can land those savings yourself by clicking Here

TidesPro is now part of our growing collection of products and services for our readers and listeners here on The Nation that fall under (with more on the way) of our FlatsNation10 program! You can read more about those others you should find useful by clicking Here

In the Meantime,

We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you just cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

Our main podcast page that works great for your mobile device since they will stream right on your phone / tablet can be found by clicking Here

And our new Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking Here and share them with family and friends if you find them Entertaining and Educational! We have some great guests in the works and planning stages on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

Also, The "Flats Nation" Merch and Swag collection has some new works now (just click on each Design or Picture to view that collection) and can be found by clicking Here or just click on our Flag below to take you to that section to land some for yourself and family / friends that enjoy their time here on Flats Nation. 😎

Tight Lines and God Bless!

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