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​Welcome aboard, Flats Nation! We are a group of long-time Flats Fishing enthusiasts who love pitching a lure (or Fly) and picking fights with anything that will hit it! We love our boats and ecosystems and will go to great lengths to protect them and our lifestyle...


Flats Nation was created to be a place and a tribe of Flats Fishing Anglers and Stewards of our Marine Estuaries. As a magazine by design, we believe in "Authenticity over Loyalty," the Anglers Advocate, and to enjoy these places, we all fish and love to be!


We plan to discuss and cover many written and via other media topics as we interview industry leaders, take deep product dives, and review the items we employ to enjoy our sport and lifestyle. Also, as a support channel to those conservation projects and groups that help improve and protect these unique ecosystems Worldwide.


We want you to have more fun and safety while fishing. We do this by educating through our “Audio Magazine” podcasts and forum categories, where we share related gear reviews and tips to enjoy fishing more and help protect these ecosystems so future generations can do the same!

So Welcome Home, Welcome to “Flats Nation,” our Nation, where we are here to help each other and provide you with the information, tips, and tactics targeted at giving you good returns on your monetary investments and time!


Tight lines and Many Blessings!

Dave & The Team

Pineland Sunset
Dave the Founder of Flats Nation
Dr. Christian with a Big Bonefish
Brother Rob
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