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303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating

As most know from past articles on various Sites, I am a huge fan of "Seal and Shine" from Turtle Wax. I still use it in my arsenal of detailing supplies for my SUV and Marine applications. I mostly use it on the non-skid of my Skiff, for it holds up well, and I have not found it to make it slick in the process, which is always a good thing!

Then I started hearing about Graphene and its use in Coatings and digging through the hype and misinformation (hate) on this product that is (as reported) stronger than steel. I started thinking about how 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating would be an excellent formulation to try myself and see how those results turned out.

303 coating

So, as usual, and about once every six months or thereabout. I take the time to prep the paint with a good stripping soap, clay bar (actually a clay mitt in my wash bucket to save time), and iron-free application, then rinse off with my pressure washer... I figure that those steps, including the roof, which is not always easy to do on an SUV, and why I picked up an adjustable folding step platform (that helped a lot!), took about 3 hours.

Then, it was a simple process of applying the 303 Graphene Nano coating on a microfiber pad in a cross-hatch manner (as directed) and then leveling off with a separate clean, soft microfiber towel. It was very easy to put on and take off, and though it states it does not need any actual curing time, I felt/saw with my eyes that it Popped with a deep shine overnight. Here are some shots afterward, and I will let the pictures tell some of the Story.


It even helped shine and protect the Headlights that I had just buffed out and replaced the original OEM bulbs with newer LED versions. Wow, what a difference that made (new LED Headlamps), and here I thought it was just that my eyes were getting older!


Next was a 2000-mile road trip a few days later that fall, and any water or moisture that landed on the Xterra flew off like water off a duck's back. Much better than other products I have tested and used over the years, and even in my opinion... It's better than the graphene-infused paste wax that Turtle Wax makes, which I have used on our other SUV. Clean-up since then has been simple and quicker, as I hit it with a pressure washer and my leaf blower to knock off any road grime or dust. Or, if needed, do your typical short maintenance wash and blow dry with my leaf blower.

Here are a few videos on the product that you may find very interesting. For those who like to research such things, or like yours truly, I want to find out as much as I can before I spend my hard-earned money on ANY product!

How to best use and apply it from Pan, who has a great and very educational detailing channel on YouTube:

And for those who like to Geek Out (Guilty as charged) and do a deep dive into Graphene Coatings and this Product, which featured the Lab Manager who helped to formulate it from 303. This one is very interesting!

Another good video explains how the product was formulated and works:

Some FAQ's on the product and best use cases:

And another good video as a guide on how to prep and use the product. My only notation on this one is that I have another product I use for paint correction if needed. And I will discuss that one in a separate article soon.

Paint correction steps and products employed, though, greatly depend upon the condition of the paint in that section of what you are working on at that time. Thus, it is nearly impossible to recommend any single product line or pad to use naturally... I do agree with the DJ in this video, though, and to always start with the softest polish or compound 1st and go with a more aggressive one for that section you are working with "as needed" and not the entire Truck or Boat your working on:

As for myself, I am very pleased with the results of 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating, and IF the proper paint prep steps are taken, I feel pretty sure you will see awesome results yourself and, more importantly! Protection that wears like Iron not only for your 4-wheeled Toys and Tow units.

But cross applications exist on items like your Outboards, metal work, and Fiberglass Hulls, which I will be testing and reporting back upon myself here very soon. I currently have it on my Yamaha Outboard and other parts of our Skiff and am very pleased with the results and the quicker cleanup it has provided!

And the price point is excellent, unlike the cost of many of these types of products (mostly Ceramic / Sio2 coatings). When you see Coatings like this run into the $200.00 plus a bottle range... Being able to get a quality coating in the $20.00 range is just phenomenal! Even if you only get a year or so of protection from it, it is not a problem for me. This is since I will just reapply it every 6 months or so. Even then, I can buy and have on hand, a lot of 303 Graphene Nano coating for that very same dollar investment sure!

303 now has come up with a Graphene Instant detailer that you can use as a drying aid to help keep your coating in top condition in between applications. My thinking is that the Graphene detailer will help extend the life of the original coating application.

303 detailer

More on the newer detailer product in this video:

Now, you can find out more about both of these products on these links:

303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating:

The even newer 303 Graphene Detailer:

I admit to having Skiff and Skiff Mule OCD (like my friends Captains Tommy Derringer and Honson Lau), for these are some very expensive investments! And I might not always get into a lot of actual Fish catching when on the water. But those rides are always going to look "Real Good" doing it while maintaining their value much longer because of those efforts!

Now, you can order your own to try and have it shipped right to your location simply by clicking on any of the product pictures above.

I hope this helps. Please share your findings on these products and your best use cases here on Flats Nation.

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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