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Elements of Saltwater Fly Design with Dr. Aaron Adams

Capt. Travis hold  saltwater Fly Design with Dr. Aaron Adams

Speaking of Fly pattern designs, this book from Dr. Adams is just an awesome guide and not just for the pictures either. It also includes other prey-related information such as scientific names, locations found, and other species information, some of which may be little known, such as... Only the Male Fiddler Crab has the one Big Claw... I did not know that!

Saltwater Fly Design with Dr. Aaron Adams

Here below is a very good video by the Master Predator himself, on some of the aspects of Fly Tying for the Shallow Water Marine ecosystem. The parts about color (what a fish can see and how it fades in the depths) and shape could cross over to other fishing ecosystems, I am quite sure...

You can also get some good Fly Ideas and Tips from our awesome and sometimes funny chat with Capt. Travis Sands, The Flats Phantom himself, is located in the Berry Islands, Bahamas.

Capt. Travis Sands on the Maverick

Which is Episode # 5 found on our Podcast page

Or on our newer YouTube channel below:

Now you can order your copy to read and have it shipped to your location simply by clicking on any of the product pictures seen above... Or click Here for a preview of the book.

We tried to get some of the Fly Shops we have worked with to handle those orders from our readers, but none of them could for a myriad of reasons, unfortunately... 😐

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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