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Flats Nation Sound Bites V3

Ashley Dentley with a Tarpon

In this volume, you will hear a quick slice of our fantastic show with Doctor Ashley Dentler about her favorite fly to cast to Stripers and Flounder in New Jersey.

And for those who have not seen the Tarpon Toad Fly, here is an example picture.

Tarpon Toad Fly in green

You can also order some from Brother Christian by clicking Here:

You can also listen to the rest of our excellent Audio Article (Podcast), which is Episode number 18 with Doctor Ashley, by clicking Here:

As mentioned, check out the rest of our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that is ready to ship by clicking Here:

In the meantime,

  • We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

  • Our newer Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking here. Share our videos with family and friends if you find them entertaining and educational! Dave has advised me of some great guests in the works on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

  • Or our new Media section that we created with our latest website release, where you can hear all of our Podcasts, Sound Bites, and Flats Nation Updates all in one listing found by clicking Here:

So, do like and share Flats Nation with Family and Friends if you would 😎

Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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