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Great Hydrofoil and Podcast Episode #9 with BMS!

Great Hydrofoil / Stabilizer from Bob's Machine Shop

I have tested and used this one personally since 2002 and have written about it in the past as it has several key advantages...

  1. Metal Construction (not plastic that can move when under pressure)

  2. It has a smaller footprint and not some B-52-sized wing that simultaneously creates both lift and not a lot of drag, as many designs could...

  3. Great for keeping low-speed bow wander down while crawling up some no-wake zone... It has extra small rudders that help negate this condition on many hulls, even those with an Engine Flats Jack installed.

  4. Good price point / ROI (Return on Investment) since you can both launch the boat quicker and keep her on a plane at lower speeds. Fuel savings alone, once you get a feel on the new Skiff handling characteristics with the (usually) less trim angle of attack needed. Should offset the cost in short order.

  5. You can probably keep your current Prop that might not work as well as desired or needed instead of spending hundreds more for a new one. That is (as I found) I could even buy the one I wanted. Supply Chain issues again / still...

You should definitely keep it near the very top of your upgrade list.

They now come in various colors to help match the color of your lower unit and look very close to OEM in color matching your lower unit.

I know; they used some shots of my last install in their catalog...

Great Hydrofoil / Stabilizer from Bob's Machine Shop

It is time to get a new one so I can send Steve to BMS for some fresh install and use pictures!

Here are a couple of tips that the installation instructions do not tell you that will make it even easier to put on...

1. Take the prop off; there is much more clearance to use the drill that way.

2. Have a couple of small C Clamps handy (they do tell you that), but make sure you put something in the jaws of them so you do not mar up any of the paint either on the new plate or your lower unit.

3. You will need a pretty short Philips screwdriver to reach the screws when you go to tight it down.

4. When you mount it, An extra set of hands will come in handy. I was fine holding it in place and even running in the screws, but when I went to go and put in the flat and lock washers, I did not have enough hands.

You can find out more about and order the one for your engine by clicking on any product pictures above.

Or, you can reach BMS at these contact points below:

Bob's Machine Shop 8802 E Broadway Ave Tampa, FL 33619 USA Hours :Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm EST General info: Tech:

Phone: 813-247-7040

The product support team at BMS is fantastic to work with if you have any Technical questions before or after you order one. Steve Pelini and I discussed this product and several quality BMS products in Episode #9 on the Podcast page. Also found on our YouTube channel:

So, try this one, and let us know how it worked for you on your Skiff or Boat. 😎

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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