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Oil Filter Magnet - The FilterMag - Flats Nation Special!

This is one for the 4-stroke crowd (be it an Outboard or your Tow / RV unit) and a product that I have personally used since about 2004: the FilterMag, on both my Outboards and Tow (Skiff Mule) vehicles, which were also my daily drivers.

The FilterMag

It is It "Logical" in its design and application, especially if you have spent any amount of time with a wrench in your hands and know that many stock automotive oil, transmission, and Outboard lower unit drain plugs already have magnets built in!

Here is a short video that explains how it works and helps to save wear and tear on some expensive (and hard-to-replace) internal engine components!

As discussed in this quick tip click Here on having a low-budget pre-lube pump built in for some Outboards (mostly Yamaha's) already with a little thinking outside of the box... The FilterMag is also a clever way to help reduce engine wear at start-up!

The use of is another way to slow down internal engine component wear on items like Rings, Bearings, and valve train parts (Ferrous Metals) that, in many cases, are the very last items to receive lubrication upon startup...

Engine start up though, is when we receive about 70% (if not more) of all Engine Wear due to having most of the lube oil setting down in the sump/oil pan when you hit the key... Case in point, how many times have you twisted the key on the Truck and heard a Clack, Clack, Clack noise in the top of the engine for the 1st few seconds when you started it? That is valve train components like lifters that are running dry and getting worn, while engine oil pressure is still in the process of building up.

And though the FilterMag was originally intended for Consumer and Commercial vehicle use, an engine is an engine in basic design, so yes, the Filter Mag (in most cases if you have the clearance to install one?) will protect that expensive Outboard at the same time!

The FilterMag

Speaking of FilterMag clearance issues, years ago, the RA-250 model fit perfectly on the stock Honda Outboard oil filter for the 2004 BF150 engine. I mounted that one on the bottom of the filter and went with the heavy-duty model then, just to make sure it stayed on the engine as I went (more like flew over) waves when running the passes. Never had a problem with that configuration staying attached even after repeated episodes of running some of those passes in very rough water and getting everything, including the Outboard, airborne 😊

This is simply not the case, though, with all Outboards when it comes to clearance when attaching a pair or even one (I will take one over nothing any day!) due to the size of the filters employed, engine block castings, and/or attachment points for other components possibly getting in the way.

Case in point: I was kind of confused about Which FilterMag to use for my past F70 Yamaha (see below). It was/is a small oil filter on those engines. There is not a ton of clearance, and really, only one FilterMag will fit on the bottom of the filter, which is fine for me. That install configuration had worked very well on my prior Honda Outboard for many years.

FilterMag clearance on a Yamaha Outboard

So I called FilterMag Technical (great staff, always willing to help!), and they did not have (and still do not) a catalog for Outboard engines. So, after sending them a picture of my oil filter for my then-2013 Yamaha F70, they advised that it needed the SS-250 model, and it just fit!

As you can see from the Yamaha F70 example picture above, though, there is not a lot of clearance to install a FilterMag. As a matter of fact, there is not much clearance to get a good grip on that Oil filter and twist it back off. So, be mindful of how that filter is installed! One (could) have an issue getting one that is overly tight swapped out, and you need a combination of both Force and Finesse (let's say more Finesse in this case) when installing the new Oil Filter for sure 😊

The Oil Filter clearance for our newer Yamaha 115 SHO engine is not much improved, and again, you are only going to get one attached to that Oil Filter. And for those thinking that just one FilterMag may not be enough, here is another video showing how well one alone can perform.

Now, to help you find the one that may fit since they do not have a catalog for Outboards created as of yet. What you can do is measure it OR secure the part number of your present Oil Filter and see if you can cross-match it with one of the Filter models listed on this page on the FilterMag site by clicking Here

What if you have a cartridge type of filter, you ask? Well, it is not going to be as easy, but it is possible to still employ One or Two of them (again, clearance is the key) on the cartridge filter housing via other install methods; you can find out more about how to do such by clicking Here

So, try one and see how much longer your oil stays cleaner. This as those sub-20-micron little particles of metal that are now passing through your oil filter media (which is usually just paper) are getting stopped there.

The FilterMag effect

This and not acting like tiny particles of hard metal sand circulating in your expensive engine! I recommend starting your search for one regardless of the application (Marine, Automotive /RV) by first clicking Here

And do let them know that Flats Nation sent you and that we have a promo code for you to use when ordering! Just use "FlatsNation10" to receive 10% off on your entire order 😊

We want to Welcome Aboard FilterMag to Flats Nation. We are looking forward to working with FilterMag and having one of their Technical Team members on a Podcast with us to discuss the product design, features, and all the best-use applications!

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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