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ORVIS | Follow The Water - America's Everglades.

A very informative video from Simon and Hannah Perkins—cousins who are part of the third generation of the Perkins family to run Orvis—traveled the length of the Everglades watershed, talking to scientists, conservationists, and fishing guides to see first-hand the work being done and to explore what the future holds.

CFCW (Captains for Clean Water) was also involved in the making of this short documentary on the effects changes to the water flow to the Everglades has changed over they years, and impacted overall water quality for much of South Florida and what already has been corrected on the Kissimmee River to help, and is being done to correct it as it flows further south.

More information on those whom you just watched in the video, the locations visited and impacted can be found by clicking Here.

And if you would like to help support the efforts of Captains for Clean Water you can read more about such and join them by clicking Here.

Or, learn more about how your shopping can also help, by reading our article Here on setting up your Amazon Smile Donations and getting them directed towards Captains for Clean Water at the same time! Every little bit helps for sure 😊

And let them know you read about them here on Flats Nation!

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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