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Podcast Episode #12 with Al Perkinson of Bajio!

Are you in need of some new or better Sunglasses with all the latest technology for Flats Fishing or most Outdoor activities? Confused about some of the features and marketing aspects from the various brands?

Well, just in time to help you get the best ROI (Return on Investment) for one of the most important items needed for Flats Fishing (Sunglasses) Flats Nation was honored to get too spend a few hours chatting with Al Perkinson who is the Founder and CEO of Bajio Sunglasses. This as we pulled another one of our popular and educational product deep dives (so much so you are going to need to spend time in the decompression tank after this one) to help you make the best choice for your Fishing and other needs!

Al Perkinson, if you are not aware, has been an executive in the outdoor industry for the past 20 years. He is a brand builder and growth agent who believes that social responsibility and great storytelling are keys to building beloved brands.

Bajío Sunglasses if you are unfamiliar with the name since they are new launched just 15 months ago. Is based in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where they design and builds performance sunglasses for anglers and other water enthusiasts.

Bajio is a privately held company with a mission to operate sustainably and contribute to addressing environmental issues faced by the world’s oceans.

Al is an avid fly fisherman, so he really understands the visual needs of anglers who stalk fish and covers this in brief video below:

As well as a very forward-thinking conservationist as we discussed his idea and concept of Indifly, a foundation he created to help strengthen indigenous communities through fly fishing! He is also board member of Trout Unlimited and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

So, jump on over to our Podcast page found by clicking Here and it is Episode #12. This as Al and myself, cover Sunglasses the Technologies they have developed for the Lens (most important) as well as their Bio-Based Frame material at the same time. I think you will find it very educational and surprised like I was, at just how fast Bajio has grown in just 15 months since launch, under some of the most challenging times for any business (COVID-19) much less, as a start up!

I say, do your eyes a favor and find your local Bajio dealer which you can look up by clicking Here and try on a pair with some of the other brands at the same time. Look around and I feel more important since not all locations are on the water... Look up at the clouds and see how defined they now appear with less haze? Try several lens color and frame configurations for your best fit, and I think you will find like when I bought my first pair that you just found your new favorite shades 😊

Also our new Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking Here and share them with family and friends if you find them Entertaining and Educational! We have some great guests in the works and planning stages on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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