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Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap Use & Tip

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap

I have two of these one for each Nikon body I use, and they work well! Also, very easy to remove/disconnect when using a larger camera Sling or Tripod that you don't want blowing around in the breeze adding vibrations to your pictures. Here is a quick video on the design of The Cuff:

And now you finally know, what those little red "Things" were mounted on some camera bodies! They are for the slick little Peak Design mounting system for the various straps, bags, etc.

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap

But like many products, it does have a downside, and this one is with the metal adjusters found on these straps. Now I fully understand why they went with the metal adjusters and can appreciate the strength they provide to the system. And let's not forget that when shopping for such products, it is also the total product ecosystem we are looking to join to help streamline our workflows and, in this case, the quick disconnect system is simply genius!

The metal adjusters have two issues though that I sent a note to them about since I have come up with a simple work around...

1. The Metal adjusters can scratch up an expensive camera body or LCD screen if not careful while taking it in and out of a snug-fitting over-the-shoulder type of bag. Now granted, you could clip it off and reinstall the cuff each time you went to pull it out which is a viable option I agree! But, that can slow you down when you are reaching over or into your camera bag and grabbing it for a quick shot.

2. Also, the metal adjuster could reflect some light (definitely does not blend in well) which in a Landscape / Wildlife shooting scenario might not be the best thing to have.

So, after some thought, I came up with a simple but appears to be an effective workaround to help address both concerns. And that was the use of some cut-to-size, camo tape, and the type that does not leave a bunch of sticky glue behind in case you need to replace it later.

Here is the stock strap and even with the little sunlight bleeding past the blinds here in my office, one can see how well the metal adjuster shines! Trust me, an Osprey or Eagle or pretty much any bird for that matter, could pick that off quickly in any light condition, and could be a great beacon if you were moving the camera around much like bringing it up and placing it to your eye to take a quick shot...

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap

So here is the tape I used from Allen Company to help match the Pine scrub and Swamp I am taking shots in most of the time. Naturally, I recommend getting a camo pattern that best matches your local ecosystem.

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap pre-tape

Now you need the adjuster to still be able to slide, thus you need to cut it to the same size as the adjuster, doing this with a pair of scissors and not cutting your nice strap at the same time requires some forethought and steady hands... Trust me, I had to work with it some before I came up with the simple idea of pulling and cutting at the same time till it was long enough to wrap around the metal adjuster (fully)

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap tape install
Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap tape install

And here is my before and after shot and I am not done yet, for I need to find my little razor knife to better trim up some edges (again) without cutting up those nice straps.

Peak Design "Cuff" Wrist Strap tape install

Now, if you would like to order one or more of these straps for your camera you can find out more information here:

Peak Design Logo

Or, can order your own to try and have it shipped right to your location, simply by clicking on any of the product pictures seen above...

Hope this helps give you some ideas on how to keep your camera both secure and ready to use at a second’s moment without (hopefully) scaring off and missing that awesome bird picture you were trying to get while drifting along at the same time!

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