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239 Flies - Bonita Beach, Florida

As I have discussed and many know, I am Fly Shop Junkie, and I visit, and have visited them, from Coast to Coast / North to South when traveling, so from Key West on up, I seek them out and stop by the local shops whenever possible! 😊

239 Flies is one the Finest local Fly Shops I have been in. It is awesome, uncluttered, and has a ton of highly organized gear, clothing, and related items all tailored to the Art and Science of Saltwater (and quite sure some Fresh) Fly Fishing! It is a great shop in SWFL and possibly, this side of Florida Keys...

Unannounced before arriving, and like one of those undercover shoppers, I walked in and was warmly greeted by Jim Davis, the GM, asking me if I needed any assistance in finding anything. This even though they were working with others, and while working on boxing up and shipping out some gear others had ordered online... More on that important aspect later, though. Then I started to take more of an in-depth tour, looking at various gear and clothing, and trust me, this shop could be dangerous to my wallet!

239 Flies

I then started to ask questions about the brands they carried, and one of the more important aspects, and what I feel is a "Perceived Barrier" to the sport, is the cost! More important for parents or Grandparents who have a child who is just "Eaten up" with Fly Fishing and wants to learn how to cast and get a good starter combo... Then, you have some teenagers like Miss Stevie Kim-Rubell, who, in many ways, has checked off (see video below) some of my bucket list items and is already a convert!

So yes, you can spend a lot of money for a high-grade Salt or Freshwater, for that matter, Rod and Reel combo... However, do not let that stop you and I was assured by Jim as he was showing me some quality starter kits from brands like Orvis that are sub $300.00 at the time of this writing 😊

239 Flies

Now, don't let the fact that they are a local Fly shop here in SWFL fool you... As they like to say, this location is their "World Headquarters," and with how well their Website is built, they can and do handle orders for gear that is shipped around the World! While I was there for my visit, I was watching the care and attention being given to packing a rod and reel combo that was headed I believe, to Upstate New York. Jim also advised me they get orders in from some of the Fly-Fishing junkies across the pond from locations like Scotland.

And do not just think that Flying fishing is the only gear they have. Plenty of gear for your Skiff and was incredibly pleased to see that I could get my next Push Pole from them since I sold my last one to go with that Skiff.
239 Flies

And not only can you see some of the Push Poles they have in stock hanging from the ceiling. There is also space with plenty of room to have tying sessions right in the Store! Now, how about some High-Performance Sunglasses? They have some shades that come in all configurations and price points, so you can actually see that next Big Redfish or Poon you are looking to pick a fight with!

239 Flies
239 Flies

Foaming at the mouth yet? And the question I am sure some are asking is how much damage to my wallet on that visit...? Well, let's say that while writing this article, I am enjoying some fresh ground java in my new 239 Flies Yeti Cup that I bought since she, who shall remain nameless, has been giving me Major Grief about using hers all the time! 😊

So, click Here for their Web Address which also has the contact information and even directions to the Store (and their newer Sister Store 828 Flies up in North Carolina) on the Website which by the way, is open 7 days a week!

And I wanted to personally thank Jim and the gang at 239 Flies for spending all the time they did with me! All they need now is one of those Old Fashions the bottle real Coke Machines and I would move in!

So, do stop by and give them a visit in person, this or online, and give them a chance to earn your business and become a member of the 239 Flies Family! And if you do, let them know Flats Nation sent you!

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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