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Capt. Tommy Derringer - St. Augustine, Florida

It is with pleasure, to kick off this section of Flats Nation with my friend who has been such a great help to me, and quite sure many have seen him on TV as a staff member of the "Florida Inside Fishing Report" Captain Tommy Derringer!

He is just one of the nicest guys you could ever speak with, and just awesome with how quick he responds and his willingness to help is just off the chart! Here is a quick video interview of him for the Florida Insider Fishing Report:

And since he has owned several models of both Maverick Skiffs and Pathfinder Bay Boats, Tommy is a awesome resource on them!

Tommy is a MBG (Maverick Boat Group) guide and you can hear him smile when talking about his newest weapon, the Carbon Edition Maverick 18 HPX on this video link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2792471947681164

And I would be amiss, not to mention that Capt. Tommy has quite the following at home also! His daughters like to fish and his eldest (as per Daddy) has become quite the angler herself starting at the ripe old age of Eight...

That is Awesome... And if the Maverick Boat Group Marketing Guru's were really on the ball, they would include some of these shots in the next Maverick catalog!

Now that is the way many of us started, and we need to not forget them (leave them home) when taking our fishing trips... And she thumped that one on a Swimbait also! Simply Awesome, and I bet she could out fish many of us with the level of exposure and training she has received already...

Tommy and I recorded a Podcast recently (very educational) that is now posted in in the Podcast section located here https://www.flatsnation.com/podcast and one of the topics of discussion was the "Off the Chain" Flood Tide Fishing he has in that part of Florida!

So, if in North East Florida, or planning a visit that part of our Great State, this and looking to upgrade your Skills on a Educational Fishing outing. You would hard pressed, to find a better Person and Guide to go and take a trip with! And don't be shy, he has been in education for many years, so do let him know what skills you would like to work on before and during your trip...

You can reach Captain Tommy on his website here: https://inshoreadventures.net/ if you would like to Book a Trip, this and work on your Inshore Lure or Fly Fishing Techniques, in that Awesome Oyster bed infested Ecosystem he runs around in!

And don't forget from April to September, you can watch Captain Tommy on the "Florida Insider Fishing Report" (just click on the name to get dates, channels and times) and too hear his most recorded recent report on the same Site by clicking on his region in NE Florida.

Really looking forward to working with Captain Tommy on some more projects with us here on Flats Nation, and do let him know we sent you!

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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