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Flats Nation Sound Bites V1

This is a brand new playlist for us found on our YouTube channel. These quicker audio articles we share tips, tricks, and product information to help you enjoy our sport and lifestyle!

Tommy Derringer Fishing

In Flats Nation Sound Bites Volume 1, you will hear a quick slice of the excellent show with our friend, Captain Tommy Derringer, about the number one reason anglers do not get strikes in productive waters. And I will give you a hint: it concerns noise and stealth. 😉

Related article on this subject with an excellent picture to demonstrate just how well those fish can see even in near darkness can be found by clicking here:

You can hear the rest of our excellent Audio Article (Podcast), which is Episode #11 with Captain (Brother) Tommy Derringer, by clicking here:

And do check out the rest of our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that is ready to ship by clicking Here:

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Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

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