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Yes, they can see you moving around!

Perfect example of how having clothing that helps blend you into the Sky / Background can help you get a few more strikes. Here is a very low light condition, and that Osprey is way above them by at least 20 feet if not more.

Now, look at the water under him as those fish are hitting the eject handle, and getting out of there! They saw the small Osprey from almost straight above with their Field of View, even while underwater and in near darkness!

Do you think, they might (also) see you in broad daylight standing up on a Bow Casting Platform making a lot of movement on a cast? 😉

The full sized version can be found by clicking Here if you would like to order a copy for your Home, Office, or even on other items. One of my all time favorite shots, and Instagram when posted there did not do it much justice by cropping it down so much... And many would be surprised to know what I took that picture with. Goes to show it's the camera settings and the eye that frames the picture, that does 85% of the work 😊

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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