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Skiff / Bay Boat cup holders without drilling any holes!

If you have Rod Holders or any other Metal Tube work on your Boat (Polling Platform, Grab bars, Etc.) then you may already have the near perfect spot to install some cup holders and did not even realize it. Let me show you how and for low cost on top of that!

ZIDIYORUO (and suspect that is not a State Side company just from the spelling) does make some forward thinking in how they mount, cup and bottle holders that they target mostly for ATV and related uses.

And not only just a normal bottle holder but there are also 2 mesh pockets for small items such as keys, and other smaller items. They have drain holes, washable, do add some insulation qualities (offset some by the black color) and pretty easy to take off and back on! Here is how I set some up on the console of the Maverick but quite sure you will find a myriad of other places to install one using the wide and pretty secure Velcro straps.

I also took the time before installing them. To coat those rod holders with some 303 Graphene Nano Spray Coating to better protect them from Salt Spray... You can click on the picture below to find even more information on that product if you are not familiar with yet.

As well as trim up the how long the bottle holder straps were for a nice clean custom installed look!

Here is a good picture showing you how they are constructed and size wise to see how they could work and fit for your needs.

Keep in mind though, they are flexible which came in handy for me, since the gap between those console rod holders is not the same. And I even later on, cut off the little white product tags for a even cleaner look because as Captain Tommy Derringer (as well as many others) will attest, Dave is OCD and that is just how we roll! 😊

So, give these a try I think you will really like them and not only on your Skiff, Bay Boat or other Watercraft... But other use cases like your Bike, The Baby Stroller, even your Truck / RV if you can find something to wrap the straps around! For at the time of this writing around $5.00 each, that is another pretty low cost but effective upgrade to add some Cup and Bottle holders to your rides!

Besides, no way I am getting underway without some Java or other drink within reach, but I did not want to have to grab a hole saw and start making holes in my nice deck, cap, or console to do such. And I feel this makes for an awesome workaround that you can always move, remove and or replace if ever needed. I even added some to the lean bars for my rear polling platform, and front casting decks at the same time. Always nice to reach around and have a secure spot to place a water bottle or other items without having to drill any holes.

Hope this helps and let us know how they worked for you and send some pictures of how you where you have installed yours?

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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