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Dave Feder - Ole Spanish Florida Guitar Master

I was brought into the fold and the love of Spanish / Flamenco music at a very young point (suspect around the age of 5) or maybe better stated, as far as I can dig back on the Memories / Hard Drive of life which is now going on 60 years... The first song in my memory be it intentionally played for me as a child, or just a drive by shooting for me metaphorically speaking, while running or cruising through the living room was the tune Malagueña! And quite sure I put it into park (at least for a few moments) and just sat there and twisted my head side to side and off center like some puppy, memorized by the sonic vibes as I tried to soak it up and process it all 😊 And knowing that tune I suspect, that I spun off afterwards looking for a Bull to Fight like the Looney Tunes character Taz and oh do I wish I had that same amount of energy and lack of pain when falling down now!

Since that time and I suspect around 1967 I have had a disciple like following of the genre, and many of those songs I call "Tunage" for I will just spool them up and loop them over and over again and let them marinate into my mind on my own special mental playlist I affectionately call the DDT "Dave's Decompression Tank" tunes and have them playing while running the Skiff along some beautiful shoreline or carving my way up some Mangrove lined creek. This, or just setting back home at the end of the day with my camera bedside me and a drink while watching the Sun go Down at the end of another day in paradise, while enjoying God's creation and Artistry with scenes like this...

So, when my awesome Bride as a surprise wedding present, commissioned the master guitar artist Dave Feder to play at our wedding recently with his brand new Guitar...

I was over the Moon! Several times while setting at the reception and taking it all in, I just tuned in his music to drown out all the other the background sounds and the demands of my time this while focusing on Her.

Later that evening, I finally got a chance after thanking and hugging many of those dear friends and family who traveled to Key Largo for our special day. To walk over and personally thank and talk with Dave about his instruments and his playing style. It was another special memory of that day speaking with and quickly becoming friends with Brother Dave, that I will keep the rest of my life!

Dave and I also (of course) got to talk some Flats Fishing, his home and artistic efforts in Islamorada, and the very special friendship he had with Jose Wejebe whom was a media pioneer and very influential in our space with his long running TV show I also loved (still do) Spanish Fly...

And what I think sets the mood for myself and many others when watching it. Was the theme to the show for it conveyed like Dave's music and whom also played with Jose, a large part of our Vibe and Soul here on Flats Nation! You know, that Ole Spanish Florida feel many of us have and share for the Love of and History for our Great State! So, here in honor of Jose and that vibe is his Last Show and see if you also agree?

Dave Feder though is simply awesome, and many came up to me that evening remarking how great he was! And from some that I know very well, this is not their musical genre of choice, or the first thing they would fire up back home or in their SUV. They just might now and this speaks to the appeal for his musical talent, playing style and the presentation that he has.

Here is a sample of Dave's music and one of my personal favorites and see if you agree?

You can find out more about Dave and his music by clicking Here and his You Tube channel is located by clicking Here. Also, if you play guitar yourself you can pick up some playing tips from the Master himself online on this section of his Site. This or contact Dave for some private instruction or take in one of his workshops.

And unknown by myself until I started to do some research for this article (our inaugural one for this section of Flats Nation by the way!) that Dave is quite the painter at the same time! You can view and if you find something that you like, pick up for your home or office some of his works by clicking Here.

I trust you will enjoy his music as much as I do, and really looking forward to hearing it on the Skiff (everything sounds better there) once life gets back to being at least semi-normal post Hurricane Ian. More on that subject can be found Here which we will keep updated as the days progress...

Last but not least which I am really looking forward recording, is a Podcast with Dave on his career, influences and of course Fishing! And we are in discussions with Dave on writing and recording our Flats Nation theme music to use for all our Podcasts and other projects! Just stoked big time over his most kind offer to do such, this and to hear it played on his newest guitar he just picked up in (I believe) Spain. I had the pleasure to hear him play it already, and it has just wonderful warm tone due to its construction.

Enjoy, and if you need a mental break even just for a few minuets, purchase some of Dave's music and just exhale some... I suspect, it is much less harmful than any Blood Pressure Medication your Doctor can prescribe and a lot less expensive also! 😊

We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you just cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

Our main podcast page that works great for your mobile device since they will stream right on your phone / tablet can be found by clicking Here

And our new Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking Here and share them with family and friends if you find them Entertaining and Educational! We have some great guests in the works and planning stages on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

God bless us all facing the days to come with the recovery of the storm!

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