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Flats Nation Sound Bites V10

In this volume, Travis is back on "The Nation" as we discuss his recommendation for Bonefish Fly Rods with the Flats Phantom, Captain Travis Sands!

Travis with a Bonefish

Flats Phantm logo

You can listen to it simply by clicking below, and it can be found on our Flats Nation YouTube channel.

You can hear the rest of our Audio Article (Podcast) as we cut up and talk fishing, which is Episode #5 with Brother Travis, here:

Speaking of Fly Rods, Travis has some tips on how to make a better cast and greater distance below:

You can also reach/track Brother Travis, who is always posting cool stuff on his Instagram page, directly by clicking Here. 

As mentioned, check out our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that snagged some great reviews already and might come in handy for a visit with Travis, is ready to ship by clicking here:

After you land some, don’t forget! We are looking to get some pictures of you using yours to fish or other outdoor pursuits, and you can read more about such by going here: 

So, do like and share Flats Nation with Family and Friends if you would 😎

Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

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