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Flats Nation Sound Bites V6

In this volume, Brother Travis is back in the house, and you will hear a quick slice of our funny but educational sound bite with Captain Travis Sands, the Flats Phantom himself!

Captain (Brother) Travis Sands, the Flats Phantom himself!

You can listen to it simply by clicking below, and it can be found on our Flats Nation YouTube channel.

And you can hear the rest of our Audio Article (Podcast), which is Episode #5 with Brother Travis, here:

Brother Travis also gives some fly-casting tips on this one that you may find useful!

Plus, you can read some more featured fly pattern articles, many of them with Brother Christian, that you can also order here:

Brother Christian our Fly Fishing mananger here on The Nation!

And for those who love the undercurrent tunage playing on this sound bite with Brother Travis and saying, "Dave, where can I hear more!" you are in luck! 😀

Our friends at one of our favorite haunts this side of The Keys, Bar Fly in Safety Harbor, Florida, had "Tribal Style" reggae band from Tampa, Florida; help them with the mood music on this video that you should really enjoy!

And if you stop into Bar Fly one day for some dinner (Highly Recommended) and a cold one, let Jeff and the Team there know that Flats Nation sent you! 😎

As mentioned, check out our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that snagged some great reviews already is ready to ship by clicking here:

After you land some, don’t forget! We are looking to get some pictures of you using yours to fish or other outdoor pursuits, and you can read more about such by going here: 

So, do like and share Flats Nation with Family and Friends if you would 😎

Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

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