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How to tie fly patterns, with Captain Honson Lau.

In these video's a friend here at Flats Nation and one of South Florida's Fly-Fishing Guru's. Shares some of his patterns and the modifications he has made to them to help increase your hook up ratio!

In this one, he covers his version of the Borski's Chernobyl Crab:

And on this one below, is his variant and some of his tweaks on the ever-popular Shrimp Fly that he sets up for Bonefish to grab...

And, quite sure that due to it's profile and action, other species like Redfish (and others) would also jump it if presented correctly!

Speaking of other presentation tips and tactics for Saltwater Fly fishing, even if you are newer to the Sport.

You will hear more of them, as well as some other educational topics on our awesome Podcast chat with him which is Episode #10 located Here

This or you can hear our chat with Brother Honson along with other awesome guides and guests on the Flats Nation YouTube Channel!

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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