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ICAST 2024 is starting soon!

Last year's show was great, and ICAST 2024 is shaping up to be the same, if not better. 😎

The Fly casting area, a new addition last year, was strategically placed near the Fly Fishing dedicated area of the show, providing a unique opportunity for Bug Slingers to experience a wide range of new rods all at once!

ICAST 2023 Fly Casting test pool

One could really spend a lot of time there, which many Fly Fishing publications and Fly Shop Owners and Principals will.

And this year should be no different, as I already see some companies that did not attend last year on the list.

Then you have the rest of this huge show, all targeted at Fishing and lifestyle-related products that are awesome to check out and get the inside scoop on their design intents and the engineering spent towards their development. Like this one from Shore-Up from last year's show.

Shore UP / Power Pole switch panel

To the win by our friends over at Mirror O Lure last year! Are just a few examples.

Mirror O Lure ICAST Winner for 2023

Mirror O Lure ICAST Winner for 2023

ICAST is not open to the public, but the Flats Nation Team is again attending this year. If you have a question you would like us to pose to any of the companies attending this year, click here for that list. Then, drop us a line titled "ICAST Question" to and we will add that to our planned interview list! 😎

Also, if you are a company attending and would like to discuss collaboration, we would be most happy to stop by your booth! We already have some meetings set in place for Wednesday and Thursday, but space is still free on Wednesday. Just drop us a note on our contact page found here. Or drop us a note to with your contact information, and will be happy to discuss what times would be good for us both!

ICAST logo

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In the meantime,

  • We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

  • Our newer Flats Nation YouTube Channel can be found by clicking here. Share our videos with family and friends if you find them entertaining and educational! We have some great guests in the works on a wide range of topics and product coverage soon.

  • Or our new Media section that we created with our latest website release, where you can hear all of our Podcasts, Sound Bites, and Flats Nation Updates all in one listing found by clicking Here:

Also, The "Flats Nation" Merch and Swag collection, if you like our content, has some new works, from T-shirts to our newer Technical wear (aka wearable shade) just in time for Tarpon Season, which can be found Here:

Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

Flats Nation Flag invite

Flats Nation Flag invite

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