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Nikon Lens Pen Lens Cleaner

These are just an awesome little tool for cleaning your Camera Lens (I have two of them) much better and safer really, than other methods! And later, I will share a little tip that anyone pretty much over the age of 40 will find very helpful...

1st here is a video that goes deeper in depth on this system and why it works so well:

So, now here is what makes this puppy useful for us of the more mature / 8-track aged generations... And I am kind of surprised it is not listed on any of the packaging!

When you are getting blurry vision, and just cannot seem to get your reading glasses clean no matter which type of cloth or glass cleaner you use. Well, quit playing around and go dig it out of your Camera bag and use it on your Reading Glasses! I think you will be very impressed on how well it will get them clean, and become gin clear again when using this system, this for around $9.00 at the time of this writing.

Now you can order your own to try and have it shipped right to your location, simply by clicking on any of the product pictures seen above...

And here is being able to read and see again!

Hope this helps and any questions as always, do feel free to send us a note here on Flats Nation

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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