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Ocean Potion Burn Relief Gel

I am happy this product line has returned; now you can order some, and just in time, I was knocking the last out of my final bottle from some leftover stock I managed to get my hands on years ago. And you can click on any of the pictures or here to order for yourself to try!

Ocean Potion products

Just about out Ocean Potion Burn Relief Gel
Ocean Potion Burn Relief Gel w/Lidocaine 8.5oz

I usually have two bottles around for different purposes, one you might not first think about, but once you try it, you may never return to other products designed for that use!

Most everyone knows how well it works for sunburns and why I keep one bottle in the Fridge so it is nice and chilled off when I go to "put out the fire," shall we say. 😮

The subsequent use I stumbled onto many years ago was when I ran out of everything else on the counter and saw it sitting there and grabbed it, and I have never gone back, which was for shaving lotion for several reasons!

  • It works great (and you don't need much) as a lubricant to help keep that dull chunk of metal you are about to drag over your face (again) that you can only afford to replace if you are lucky enough to get some new ones for Christmas or your Birthday (and hopefully your birthday is mid-year so you can stretch them out) from dragging and digging in to only afterward, look like you tried to shave with a weed wacker! 🤨

  • The chemicals in the lotion that work so well for sunburns also help to cool off your face during and after shaving and (purely theoretical) help you stay younger-looking! Well, that last part is not working so well for me, but I did denote that it was just a theory... 😉

  • Lastly, razors go south/dull by rusting, even though you might not see the rust stains. But zoom in and see how jagged the edge is after a few shaves, much less how your face feels as you try and drag that thing around, and it feels like it is peeling up any healthy skin you may have left! Using Ocean Potion Burn Relief Gel, though, (appears) to slow down that corrosion process by coating the blades that help keep air and moisture away from the actual metal.

Now, on that last point, I have never tested actual razor blade longevity comparisons with using regular shaving cream or soap, for that matter. And if you spend a lot of time rinsing off your blade after the final swipe, you are sure you will rinse off any long-term benefits it may provide... But this is a simple observation on my part, and your actual mileage may vary, as (they) say. 😉

We have reached out to Ocean Potion and are looking to see if we can have them join us for one of our audio articles (podcast) and other efforts on the relaunch of the company and product line.

But do let them know Flats Nation sent you if you contact them!

So, try some, and your skin should thank you! 😎👍

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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