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Podcast Episode #13 with Captain Justin Bachert!

This one featuring one of our Team Members here on Flats Nation, Captain Justin Bachert out of Big Pine Key, Florida.

Brother Justin and myself had a great time working on this episode as you can tell from some of the USCG / USN banter back and forth. But the old USN Quartermaster that he is, has no excuse for getting lost for sure ๐Ÿ˜Š Speaking of that topic though, we cover some tips about Navigation on the show you might find helpful and how not to hit stuff if at all possible!

And the quick tip in case you missed it on the show is "Stand up and look around, those crab traps and Bubba Stakes might not all be on your chart!"

We trust that you will absorb some great tips and ways to make either your next solo trip or one with Captain Justin as fun and productive as possible! And you can find out more about Captain Justin by clicking Here

And listen to his or our other Podcasts by clicking Here and they are programmed to stream right on your phone!

Or you can also find them on the Flats Nation YouTube Channel!

Now you can reach Captain Justin at Hot Water Fishing for a trip on his website found by clicking Here this or call / text him at 386- 206-6137 and if a Veteran like most of the staff on Flats Nation are, do let him know! Also let him know you found out him here on Flats Nation

We also hope you enjoy the new Flats Nation Theme Music which we think is just awesome! We have quite a few Podcasts in the works for 2023 as well as other media projects and Dave Feder has been a huge help in that process... We have some more coverage of Brother Dave and discuss his Vibe on Flats Nation by clicking Here

Tight Lines and God Bless!

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