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Captain Justin Bachert - Big Pine Key, Florida

I am happy to introduce our latest Guide, here on Flats Nation, Captain Justin Bachert, who will help us better cover The Keys Flats Fishing scene!

Captain Justin Bachert

Captain Justin is a Florida Atlantic University Graduate, US Navy Veteran (thank you for your service!), and full-time, Year-round guide in the Florida Keys.

Brother Justin and I were introduced and got a chance to chat as we closed up the party at the last Fly Tying event at Seven Mile Fly Shop, which you can find out more about and join us at the next one by clicking Here.

Justin, though, is an awesome guy and involved in and passionate about various conservation efforts with both CFCW and BTT here in Florida! We look forward to working with him on more projects related to those efforts here at Flats Nation are some product reviews since he is an R.L. Winston Pro staff member and has field-tested other product lines under live fire conditions while picking fights with things the size of smaller farm animals 😊

Captain Justin Bachert

Of course, we also discuss other products related to the Flats Fishing Lifestyle in Articles and Podcasts here on Flats Nation, where we dive deep Benefits of these items while helping cut through the Marketing Hype (some) like to promote.

Some of the smaller items (like clothing and shoes) can make a difference when out on The Flats both in your ability to survive the environment and help you stay "Fit for the Fight," as I like to call it, even at 2 pm in 95-degree heat. You know those kind of days... The ones where you could pee in your pants and not feel the difference. It can be rough fishing for those unprepared, for sure! And many of those same products and concepts have a lot of cross-over value and other use applications. It is one thing to hit The Flats for a day of fishing with a week to recover in an air-conditioned office like many of our weekend warriors here have.

It's another whole ball game for those on the water for two hundred-plus days a year! Little things that are not remembered, like the best ways to stay hydrated so you don't hit the deck like a shot elephant by Noon or get eaten alive by Sand Gnats, have a lot of value for our Tribe here on Flats Nation yet seem hardy-covered by others.

We are looking forward to discussing with Justin a newer and upcoming Skiff Builder here in Florida called Floyd Skiff that is now his chariot and daily office.

Floyd Skiff
Floyd Skiff

Justin, for much of his time, "Lives" on his Skiff and is well versed on what he likes and what he would like to see improved (since there is no perfect Skiff) for his needs that could very easily translate over for your best use case.

It is one thing to get compensated or be a member of the X Product Pro Staff team, and not that such input holds less value, for we have found the Gear and Products our Guides here on Flats Nation now use many times bought even before becoming an ambassador for those brands! It holds yet even more value in our eyes, when you stroke a check or sign loan papers for those you are not directly affiliated with per se. What is that saying? "Put your Money where your Mouth is" is just as valuable, if not more, for sure!

So, in closing, I am looking forward to working more with Captain Justin and getting his feedback on the Gear and Tactics he employs to stalk the fish (including Fly Rods) in his ecosystem! What may work in say Tampa Bay with all the pressure it receives from the "Chum and Run" crowd as I like to label them? Is simply not even needed or even employed in, say the waters of Big Pine or Everglades where he lives and runs.

You can reach Captain Justin at Hot Water Fishing for a trip on his website by clicking here or calling/texting him at 386- 206-6137. If a veteran, like most of the staff on Flats Nation, let him know! Also, let him know you found out about him here on Flats Nation,

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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