• Dave LeGear

Fly Tying Social Event @ Seven Mile Fly Shop

As denoted on our article about the shop found Here on the first Thursday of each month Seven Mile Fly Shop hosts a Fly Tying social type of event starting at 7pm.

Now as advised, it is not really any formal training or classroom type of instruction (more social in nature) but quite sure you will pick up some Tips and Tricks simply by watching and asking questions!

Another good source of information on various Fly patterns can be found on our posting Here which is about this book pictured below by Dr. Arron Adams

So, make sure you call the shop at 305-440-3406 to get on the list. Then bring your vice, some materials (the shop should have any that you may need) and your favorite beverage for a great time 😊

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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