• Dave LeGear

Study confirms link between red tide and Lake O discharges

From our friends over at CFCW (Captions for Clean Water) from a few days ago...

University of Florida releases new Red Tide study—what does it mean?

UF's Center for Coastal Solutions recently released a study that confirms the long-assumed link between red tide and Lake O discharges. The study concluded that those discharges—and the nutrient pollution they carry—can intensify red tide blooms. And although you might not be surprised by that conclusion, the results mark a major milestone on the road to fixing our broken water system.

You can read their latest release to find out what's in the study, what exactly it means, and why it's a big deal located here: https://captainsforcleanwater.org/red-tide-study-2022/

We support the efforts of CFCW here at Flats Nation as well as other awesome groups all working in concert, to help protect and improve our Marine Ecosystems around the World. If you have a group that would like some more exposure, please feel free to reach out to us!

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