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Podcast Episode #20 with Leiza Fitzgerald of the CCA!

In a 30-year outdoor career, Captain Leiza Fitzgerald has been instrumental in introducing women to the sport of fishing!

Her two-woman redfish team was ranked among the country's Top 10 ESPN “ALL STAR” Redfish Teams. The Florida Sports Hall of Fame named Leiza a distinguished honoree in its 2022 class, the first angler to receive this distinction, and the list of her awards goes on and on!

Leiza has affectionately been labeled the “Queen of Conservation” for her endless efforts to help improve marine fisheries.

We spent some time chatting with my friend to pull a deep dive into her career and the efforts of the CCA of Florida as their Director of the CCA of Florida STAR Tournament!

Leiza Fitzgerald of the CCA of Florida!
Leiza Fitzgerald of the CCA of Florida!

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Dave and the Team

CCA of Florida STAR Tournament

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