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Cold Water Redfish Tip - Captain Tommy Derringer

It is that time of year again, and have employed this tactic and it works well with a light jig head, so water entry is soft, combined with super quiet approach...

One tweak you may want to also try, is the use of a weedless jig head which will reposition the placement of the weight and how it falls in the water. Though can be hard to find at times, we are big fans of these jig heads from Slayer Lure Company

Which utilizes a quality sharp hook and only change I make (like with all my hooks regardless of type) is to press the barbs down. This configuration allows for several advantages...

  1. Faster hook penetration / sets in fish like Tarpon that have a mount like a cinder block!

  2. Also, having the barb flush will also make it much easier to dig it back out of you (hate when that happens) or your fishing partner's ear from a rouge cast.

  3. This profile is a tad more aero and hydrodynamic, thus cheats the wind slightly better for distance casting while sliding through the grass better. And the 1/8 oz size is great for an even slower drop rate (stays in the strike zone longer) that comes in handy in cooler waters when the fish have a slower metabolism.

  4. Slayer also makes some nice jig bodies that have steeper angle of attack on the paddle tail than many, thus creates more vibration for the same (or slower) retrieval speed as others.

Also, hard to beat natural looking color profiles when fishing in places like Tampa Bay or any pressured ecosystem for that matter.

Now, if you would like to learn some more tips and tactics like this or for use year-round. Podcast Episode #11 found by clicking Here was just an awesome and very education show with Tommy!

Flats Nation Podcasts will also stream right on your phone, making it easy to listen to any of them anytime or anywhere you choose!

Or can be found on our Flats Nation YouTube Channel!

And if you would like to learn this system and the approach in person from Captain Tommy, he is located in the NE Florida / St. Augustine area and you can find out more about him and how to reach him for a personalized and educational trip by clicking Here

Tight Lines and God Bless!

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