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Echo Micro Practice Fly Rod

Not a toy as many would first think or suspect when seeing this product!

Micro Pratice Rod

Now, I picked up one for my Bride (wound up intrigued with it myself) to learn how to fly cast and love it! And for less than the cost of any quality fly line that you would not want to get damaged or chewed up out in the yard/street. Plus, can also work with it inside (just be mindful of what is overhead for they find ceiling fans quickly) this is hard to beat!

Here are some of the product features...

  • EVA foam handle for long life.

  • Tim’s fundamental casting instruction pamphlet is included.

  • Durable transparent plastic case.

  • Two-piece Graphite blank.

  • Precisely balanced rope and yarn.

Here is a short video on the product from Tim Rajeff that covers the features of the trainer.

His video below goes further in-depth and will help you get started (or just as a refresher) with this awesome little trainer!

Also, being a two-piece rod, really takes up very little storage space in your home or office so you can work with it and/or terrorize (don't forget the strip strike) her cat. 😁

Micro pratice rod on display

They also have you can pick up an add-on to help with getting even more distance from your cast, called the double haul adapter.

Echo MPR Double Haul Kit

A video below to help you learn this awesome and not hard-to-grasp (all in the timing) system to gain extra line speed which equates to a longer distance. Many times, the double haul is needed to reach those Bonefish and Tarpon that you see, but do not want to try and get any closer with the Skiff out of fear of spooking them off. 😉

Hope this helps you can click on any of the pictures above to order those respective products or click Here for the Trainer Kit and click Here for the Double Haul add-on. 😎

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

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