• Dave LeGear

Keeping an eye to the Sky...

Well sports fans, it is Summer and as Brother Jimmy says so eloquently on the tune below, it's time again that we are "Trying the reason with Hurricane Season" which many have to cope with here on Flats Nation for about half of the year.

Simply love that version of his tune for sure!

To this end, there are plenty of Site's and Smartphone Applications one can use to keep an eye to the sky as I like to say. But finding one without having to dig through a lot of extras, advertisements, political agendas, etc. etc. to finally reach what just want to need to know and quickly, is not always easy!

Be that as it may, and usually faster than you can take a sip of Java in the morning (or afternoon for a quick pick me up) I think you will find this Site link below the best one just for such and already paid for access via our Tax dollars at work:


This and to quickly find out IF you need hitch up the boat, lower the shutters, and go fill up the bathtub. Christmas and Hurricane's do have one thing in common though... Eventually, you will wind up with a Tree in the House if not careful!

At the time of this writing though, it appears I need to cut this one short, and go bring in all the cushions. A little early this year if I do say so myself, but when does Mother Nature ever look at a calendar?

Hope this helps you know to go dig out the coolers and go grab some ice yourself 😊

Stay Safe and Many Blessings!


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