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Featured Fly Pattern: Mudslider

This versatile fly was inspired and tested in the chocolate milk waters of Everglades National Park, targeting tarpon and snook. Since then, it has been tested on everything from Peacock bass to Redfish to big proved to be candy. 😊

Mudslider Fly

The original color pattern (pictured above) is brown & chartreuse tail, orange flake wrap, and root beer with pearl head. Don't forget the gold flash and black stripes to give it flavor! A bead chain or lead eyes can be used, but a bead chain is recommended to let the craft fur dictate most of its action. It is best tied with a hook bend up to make the fly weedless and give yourself the best hookup ratio.

The color pattern was created to draw Tarpon and Snook out of the muddy, watered mangroves to strike their prey. The tail, made from craft fur, gives it an exceptional swimbait action that makes it irresistible! This color will also have the Redfish dancing in dark waters.


The tan-colored pattern is recommended when sight-fishing Redfish or Bonefish in more transparent waters (pictured above). Getting peacock bass This way, the fly mimics a shrimp popping off the bottom. However, especially for Redfish or Snook, you can keep the fly midway or sub-surface in the water column and trigger a chase-down strike.

When fishing for Tarpon, especially in deeper water, the black and purple pattern (pictured above) is lethal! Making Tarpon are one of the only animals that can see the UV spectrum; the black/purple/sparkle combination will ring the dinner bell. In this situation, lead eyes can be applied to bring the fly down, where you can dredge for them.

The original brown & chartreuse pattern has been a fan favorite for South Florida. This profile mimics Peacock bass fry, African jewelfish, and different Cichlids, which are in the predation pallet for Peacock bass. This fly is also lethal for big Peacock bass down in South America. Some of the most hyper-aggressive strikes I've gotten from Peacock bass have been on this fly.

This is an absolute must in the box if you are targeting tarpon in muddy waters. This goes for Florida or Central American Tarpon. Because of its versatility, tie a few of each color pattern and have it in the box on each outing; you will not be disappointed!

Suggested hook sizes:

Juvenile tarpon, redfish, and snook: Size 2

Bonefish and Peacock Bass: Size 4 and 6

Bigger tarpon: Size 1/0, 2/0

If you need to order some for your collection, message me by clicking Here.

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

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