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Featured Fly Pattern: Señor Crab

Whether you are targeting Permit in South Florida and the Caribbean or Sheepshead in North Florida, Señor Crab is here to help!

Señor Crab

Inspired by the traditional flex crab pattern- this fly can be color-customized when tied to tailor the waters you're fishing.

Señor Crab

There is much versatility in this fly. It can be tied small or large, tan or dark brown, red or blue claws. Not only is it imperative to have in the box for Permit and Sheepshead, but candy for Bonefish and Redfish.

The weight of the fly is concentrated inside the flex material, which is the first material you tie onto the hook. If targeting Permit in deeper water off the edge of the flat, tying on lead eyes works best. If targeting bonefish on a skinny flat, it is best to tie a small lead or bead chain eyes as the base weight. What makes this fly pattern tricky to tie is wrestling the flexo material and using a cautery tool. It is not recommended to cut flexo material with your traditional bench scissors; once threaded, it is best to burn excess material with the tip of a cautery tool to burn it off.

Once flexo material is established, the use of the threader and good glue is needed to string legs, claws, and eyes through the flexo material. Legs and claws that are too thick mustn't be used because they will rip a hole through the delicate flexo material. Traditional shrimp eyes can be glued through the material, use all appendage material scaled to the size of the crab you're tying. Once finished with threading the material, a sharpie of your desired color can be used to tie spots on the body or color the claws.

Señor Crab

This fly can be used all year round for permit, sheepshead, and redfish in any destination. However, I recommend having this in the box in the summertime for bonefish. Big shrimp runs pass through winter, and that is when bonefish gorge on shrimp the most. Especially in Biscayne Bay, big bonefish will patrol the flats in search of small crabs.

This fly is best worked on the bottom with long sliding strips, just as a crab would crawl on the bottom. However, Permit often eats their prey as a crab is sinking to the bottom. Hone your flexo crab lands in front of a Permit, small slides to catch its attention, and once spotted, let the fly sink, and Mr. Permit will eat on the way down, or once the crab touches the bottom 😁

Señor Crab is single-handedly the most realistic crab fly you can have in your arsenal. In addition, one of the most intricate flies to tie at the bench.

Suggested hook sizes:

Juvenile Tarpon, Redfish, and Snook: Size 2

Bonefish and Permit: Size 4

Bigger Tarpon: Size 1/0, 2/0

Señor Crab

And if you need to order some for your collection, message me by clicking Here.

Dr. Christian Marrero - Fly Fishing Manager

The Miami Fly Guy

Instagram: @themiamiflyguy

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