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Flats Nation Sound Bites Volume 9

In this volume, our longtime friend, Chris Peterson, of Hell’s Bay, is back with us as we discuss one of the features of the Hell's Bay Skiff: the use of the Aerospace product Carbon Innegra.

Hells Bay Skiff running along the shore

In Flats Nation Sound Bites Volume 9 , this is just a quick slice of the very educational show with our friend, Chris Peterson, or just click below to direct stream it.

Plus, you can listen to our full audio article (Podcast) as we "Geek Out" with Chris about the unique design and build features of the entire Hell's Bay lineup now in our Podcast direct play section of Flats Nation by clicking Here.

As mentioned, check out our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that is ready to ship by clicking Here

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Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

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