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Podcast Episode #19 with Chris Peterson of Hell's Bay!

Our longtime friend, Chris Peterson, of Hell’s Bay Boatworks, is with us in this episode!

Chris Peterson of Hell's Bay Boatworks!

Since 2007, he and his bride Wendi have been at the helm of Hells Bay Boatworks, which started in 1997 as we cover their production methodology and systems to build some of, if not the world's finest, Shallow-Water Skiffs! So, we hope you enjoy geeking out with us as we cover many aspects of their design and build processes.

Now Podcast Episode #19 with Chris Peterson of Hell's Bay! is in the direct play section of Flats Nation, which you can find by clicking here.

You can (also) listen to it simply by clicking below, and it can be found on our Flats Nation YouTube channel.

Conservation of our marine ecosystems is also at the core of Hell’s Bay, and Chris is very heavily involved with CFCW, the IGFA, BTT, and others! That topic is planned for a follow-up show soon and is already in production! 😊

Plus, you can read more articles on some of the very same conservation and water quality topics planned for that next show by clicking here.

As mentioned, check out our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that is ready to ship by clicking here:

After you land some, don’t forget! We are looking to get some pictures of you using yours to fish or other outdoor pursuits, and you can read more about such by going here:

Our own Christian fishing the flats with a Bonefish here landed.

So, do like and share Flats Nation with Family and Friends if you would 😎

Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

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