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Low-budget hatch liners for your Skiff/Boat!

Low budget hatch liners for your Skiff

Are you looking to help keep your tackle, camera, and other gear bags drier and off the deck inside your hatches? How about they do not slide around as much since they have some non-skid qualities at the same time?

Then, I think you will enjoy using this type of shower mat inside the various hatches and spaces inside your Skiff, Bay Boat, or Paddle craft from TIJIDE.

They come in rolled-up sections (shows how flexible they are) sized 25"L x 15.7" W in seven different colors that you can cut as needed length-wise. I can attest, since I picked up several for my 18 HPX Maverick, that width they fit almost perfectly!

Low budget hatch liners for your Skiff

Unlike other options, these can be easily removed for cleaning, much less replaced if needed, at a much lower price point than, say, other types of Marine Flooring (stick-down closed-cell foam) that can be expensive and semi-permanent at the same time.

hatch liners for your Skiff example

And to cover the entire hatch floor inside your typical Maverick Skiff (suspect others), you will need 1 roll and about half of another to cover that entire floor. As such, 3 rolls (I got four) should handle covering both the Port and Starboard rear hatch floors and have some left over for other needs. Unlike other (and usually way more expensive options), these are held down in place via suction cups.

hatch liners for your Skiff example

This is great, so you can just pull them back up, clean under them, and then reinstall them later after those spaces have dried out. And since they are intended for use inside a shower as a non-slip floor mat, getting wet is not a problem. I am just a little OCD and like to take them up now and then and get the hatch space clean!

I even placed a smaller section inside the bow hatch behind the start battery box so one could place a bag or other item and help keep it elevated (thus drier) there and not tend to mar up the gel coat at the same time...

hatch liners for your Skiff example

Another tip when using them that you might find comes in handy to help protect those spaces (your investment) and help them always look their best and stay drier and cleaner. Is to empty those areas first and give them a good wash down with a quality stripping-level soap to help remove all the stains and grease from the gel coat. Stoner Prep Wash will help remove any leftover sealants that may impact the application of coatings.

Then, afterward (I told you I was OCD), I sprayed all those surfaces down inside the hatches with the 303 Graphene Spray Coating.

303 coating

Let it flash off and level off to a nice shine with another microfiber rag before placing the liners back into place. The coating makes cleanup so much faster from that point forward...

Hope this helps keep your gear drier by being elevated off the desk some. This is while protecting those spaces better and helping you keep as much value for your watercraft as possible! Clicking on any of the pictures will also take you to a page where you can order any of these items you may need. And for around $10.00 each at the time of this writing in various colors) the mat material makes for a nice and low-cost upgrade to your boat and maybe helps cover over some present scuffs and marks those areas might already have!

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Dave and the Team

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