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Maverick HPX-S and V models

A great little all around Skiff that does many things well! I am a fan of the larger center console design for flush mounting of all your electronics (just not in all cases) as I want to be able to remove them when traveling naturally. Something you may want to consider when shopping for your next Skiff.

And I agree on the observation on using the 115 Outboard in the video below. They in most cases, have near the same weight as a 90HP, but you can swing a little larger prop for better launch and cruise numbers. The test runs I made on the Maverick, really made the 115HP SHO Motor shine!

And now, they have the 17 and 18 HPX Carbon Editions which in round numbers saves over 100 lbs (some say closer to 200) off weight of the Skiff.

And here is a good little walk through of the 17 HPX S model, with some great upgrades and ideas for your present or future Skiff, from our friend here on Flats Nation Captain Tommy Derringer:

And if you would like to see how one of these handles some Seas while making a run to the Marquesas Keys (bucket list item for sure!) while in search of Poons, these shows you should enjoy!

Off the Chain for sure!

Capt Tommy Derringer was gracious enough to send me some pictures of his new Maverick Carbon 18 HPX V that you may have seen in some other videos...

And as soon as possible, I am going to post up the Podcast / Chat with Capt Derringer on the Flats Nation Podcast section, where we cover not only the State of Flats fishing in NE Florida... But, also his experiences with Maverick Skiffs since he has owned several models. This and had some cool upgrades to better fit his needs for guiding in that ecosystem. Was awesome to pick his brain (again) and get some ideas to better help you choose your next Skiff as well as some killer upgrades ideas for your present one!

Photo Credit for these great shots goes to Cody Rubner, and we need to secure his help here on the Nation after you see some of these shots...

Love that 4 bladed prop! Sure it lost a few knots of top end, but they launch so much better and from everyone that I have ran (including my present one) they are very smooth...

Now that is my kind of office view for sure. And I think it is time to find a nice water proof with keyboard case for my I Pad, for some real time Flats Nation article creation :)

Enjoy, and do feel free to ask questions! If I cannot answer them, I have quite a few professional contacts that can...

Some more pictures (actually a great slide show) of Captain Tommy's build while she was under actual construction. This from Kent the Media Manager at MBG who has been most helpful to me with this article! Just click on the link below to start the slides:

Captain Tommy's Carbon Edition 18 HPX V Build

Makes me itch just looking at some of these pictures! LOL

And much easier to install the wiring, Power Pole Charge system, etc. etc. when building one as you can see! And something you might want to consider, having the factory add on gear during the build process, rather then later on...

Thanks again to Captain Tommy, and our friends over at Maverick Boat Group for help with this article. More to come in the near future on them!

Tight Lines, and God Bless!


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