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Milagro Restaurant and Bar - Key West, Florida

I love this place (I don't know how to put it better), and if you are in the Lower Keys / Key West, I am quite sure the locals already know about Milagro Restaurant and Bar as it is, and if not, I suspect Flats Nation help start new habits for them also! 😊

Milagro Restaurant Founders

Besides, how can you not love a place with the same name as our Skiff?

Maverick Skiff Milagro

So, for the love of the "Miracle," which Milagro translates to in Spanish, and an excellent brand of Tequila, by the way, it just fits for us when looking for a place to dine in Key West 😊

Now, just two blocks from the Southernmost Point on 1401 Simonton Street, Milagro Restaurant and Bar is a culinary masterpiece. Milagro is run by husband-and-wife, award-winning Executive Chef Kevin Montoya, and General Manager Maggie Montoya. Milagro, as you can see as soon as you walk inside, is a labor of love with deep ties to excellent food, art, and The Keys community.

Milagro Restaurant

Kevin and Maggie, veterans of the fine dining and hospitality industries use local seafood and produce in recipes they've spent years perfecting. These delicious flavors and warm and attentive service provide an unforgettable experience for their guests.

And you know how when you walk into a place, it has its special vibe and feel about it, and how a tune pops into mind that helps round out the aura? Well, this one below came to mind for me when I walked in and see if you agree.

And (just saying) would be a great place to have Brother Dave Feder playing!

And, speaking of Tequila, they have one of the best-stocked Tequila selections I have seen, and I only wished I had not driven down from Summerland Key so I could have enjoyed and sampled some more from that awesome collection! Next time in Key West and staying within walking or Uber distance from Milagro, I will! You can also order some Tequila on a Flight to find that special one that pushes all the proper launch buttons for you!

Milagro Restaurant Tequila selection

Or maybe try one of their cocktails while waiting for your table to come open that hits the spot as you mentally and physically exhale and flip the switch that pops on the decompression tank in your mind... A few of those yummy Milagro Paloma's should help lower your Blood Pressure a Tad! 😉

Milagro Restaurant Menu

Before dinner, though, you have just got to try the calamari, and I would love to fill a bathtub with that special dipping sauce and roll around in it like a dog! Next visit, I think a big dinner salad with that mixed in should work just perfectly.

Milagro Restaurant Favoraite

And do not think that just because Kevin's Mexican heritage (click on the Flag below for some Merch and Swag to wear to the Restaurant) influences his food creations; they are just in that cuisine lane only!

Flats Nation Flag (Mexico)

We went there for Thanksgiving Dinner and had a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and it was one of the very best Thanksgiving dinners I have ever had! Running at a close second only to Mom, with Grandmother batting cleanup and helping out at the same time. Yea, Man, it was that good... 😊

Some recommendations:

  • Like many, if not most, places in Key West, parking can sometimes be a pain, so plan ahead. We booked a time earlier in the day and had no issue finding a place across the street to park. Quite sure, past 6 pm or so, I can see how that might become harder and harder to find.

  • Unlike other places, we have reviewed If heading off that water and dragging a Skiff behind while taking in some of the awesome local Flats Fishing in Key West! You might be hard-pressed to find a place to park both the Truck and Skiff in that part of town. It is much better to go home or to the hotel first, unhook the Skiff, jump in the rain locker yourself, and then drive down with just your main squeeze (now) in tow! Just an awesome place for a date night dinner in Key West.

So, either book a table with them online by clicking here or give them a call at 305-440-3534 and let them know that the team from Flats Nation sent you! Quite sure you will enjoy it 😋

We will see if we can get Maggie and Kevin on a Podcast to share some of their secrets and future growth plans!

In the meantime,

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Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave and the Team

Flats Nation Flag invite

Flats Nation Flag invite


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