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SIMRAD NSS Evo3 - Carry and Storage Case Idea

For those that do not have your SIMRAD, or other brand of Marine Electronics permanently mounted into your console. Here is a good way to help transport it to the boat, this as well help keep that expensive gear protected while not in use back either inside your Home or Motel room while traveling.

Our 12-inch SIMRAD MFD unit fits near perfect inside this box with the foam already supplied by Plano. Now they include a few sheets of the pre-cut foam, but only one is employed for this use case so, you may want to hang onto the sheet for future replacement or other uses if ever needed.

And here is the model number of this box which is not awfully expensive (around $25.00 online at the time of this posting) as compared to other carry and storage boxes found on the market for such uses. Maybe not as tough as others or has the same structural rigidity other makers offer, but hard compare at that price point 😊

Now, if you do not have the 12-inch screen on your Skiff or Bay Boat, other sizes of this type of case can be found on the Plano Molding website that may also work for your needs. Do let Plano Molding or other supplier know you found this idea on Flats Nation when you reach out to them 😊

And our review of the SIMRAD NSS Evo3 with the FMT Chip which we feel is just the near perfect electronics combo for running the Flats while helping to protect our ecosystems from further damage, can be found by clicking Here

Hope this helps and God Bless!


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