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The Square Grouper - Cudjoe Key, Florida

As a Coastie, I always chuckle at the name of one of my favorite restaurants in The Keys even if I don't have the time to stop for a meal or drink right at the moment.

The Square Grouper - Cudjoe Key, Florida

Recently though, due to the ravages of Hurricane Ian and more on that subject by clicking Here

While staying nearby, we had the time to stop in and enjoy a date night and just relax from all the stresses (much less repeated kicks to the head) that 2022 has dished out... And I don't know about others, but I can say without reserve we will be most happy for the fresh start that each new year brings! Including all the exciting projects and business partnerships we are working on for 2023 here on Flats Nation!

And we make it a practice when we visit a Tackle Shop, Marina, or Restaurant for the first time. We don't bring the camera or let anybody know that we are associated with Flats Nation (don't want to lead the witness) until after our review and impressions are posted if possible!

We aim to secure the same experience or level of treatment anyone else would and The Square Grouper staff in this instance passed with excellence even though it was a busy night. And I suspect from all the times I traveled past near Lunch or Dinner time, being busy is probably the rule and not the exception.

Back to dinner though, you know that you have landed in a place targeted towards the Inshore / Flats Fishing Tribe when you go set into a room that has pictures of the Late / Great Jose Wejebe on the wall! 😊 And for those not familiar with Jose or the Spanish Fly show this should help:

Still with me? I know, we miss Jose also...

Dinner was awesome and had the Wahoo Sandwich and I was so absorbed with it that, simply forgot what my Bride had! She loved it though and she could have gone back every night while in that area if she could... Lynn and the Team at The Square Grouper do a great job with the Food, Drink, and overall Vibe of the place though they have opened up a second one in Islamorada. We need them to build out another location in say the Ft. Myers area for sure!

See if this quick video makes you as hungry as it does us.

And they have music most nights it appears, but do not worry from what we observed on our visit. It is at a level where you can sit and still have a comfortable conversation with your guests. This and not going home with permanent hearing loss like many places (my ears are still ringing from some) make it a terrific location to conduct some business discussions at the same time 😊

The Square Grouper - Cudjoe Key, Florida

So, if you are dragging the Skiff back from a day on the Flats near Cudjoe Key (should be able to find a place to park both nearby) Or at the end of a trip with Captain Justin Bachert since it is one of his favorite haunts also! Do yourself a favor and stop in for some awesome local seafood and drinks at The Square Grouper, you and your taste buds will be glad that you did! 😊

More information about The Square Grouper on both locations (Islamorada and Cudjoe Key) can be found by clicking Here and telling them that the guys from Flats Nation sent you!

In the meantime,

We invite you to take in a few Flats Nation Podcast Episodes to help "Scratch that Fishing Itch" when working or traveling and you just cannot hitch up the Skiff and go, on these links:

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Tight Lines and God Bless!

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