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Florida Marine Tracks Chartplotter Chip by ISLA Mapping

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I have written about and used these chips for several years (since 2018). They are installed not only in my Skiff but in many of my friend's Skiffs and Boats (I know I programmed those installs), and I am convinced you will not find a better chart for your GPS!

And to stay safe while running in some very skinny waters, even in low light or stormy conditions. But at the same time, to help protect our fragile Marine Ecosystems by not getting hung up.

Those are costly to both yourself by the damage to your hull and lower unit, which can be very expensive to repair AFTER you get towed back to the ramp... Just as crucial to the Grass Flats, Oyster Beds, and Coral Heads that have just taken a royal beating over the years! Those are the same areas that are the nurseries for all our Game fish and all the other Sea life that depends on the forage they find in them.

As per their website...

"Detailed marine cartography available on SDHC and micro chips."

Florida Marine Tracks provides detailed marine cartography with Hi-Res Imagery available on SDHC and micro chips for all of Florida for use in Navico chart plotters, including SIMRAD, Lowrance, and B&G units. It was developed and tested over many years and designed exclusively for smaller shallow running flats and bay boats that draft 13.5″ or less at rest. It is not recommended for amateurs or novice shallow water boaters."

Here is an episode on the Sliver Kings TV show with Capt Jared Raskob that discusses how this chip is employed in navigation and conservation efforts.

Flats Nation got to record and do a deep dive into the Development, Application, Use / Safety, and Ongoing development plus the Conservation efforts provided, with this chip.

We talked at length about how this product is a very accurate navigational aid to those in Florida and now (also) Louisiana waters. It is educational, and it will help you secure the correct equipment to not only run the FMT Chip but to get the most out of it at the same time!

You can find that Podcast on the Flats Nation Podcast page that works well for your mobile devices (find the one you want to hear and push play) by clicking Here.

You can hear this on the newer Flats Nation YouTube Channel!

Simply one of the best ways I know of to NOT go bump in the night, and akin to Flying IFR on the water for sure! Also, is excellent for use in new waters that you may not have run before 😊

And do check out our causal and the newer Flats Nation Technical Wear that snagged some great reviews already and is ready to ship by clicking here:

Tight Lines, and God Bless!

Dave at the Team

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