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We will miss you, Brother Jimmy...

With great sadness, I heard we lost one of Mobile's favorite sons, Jimmy Buffett, at a young age (and looking more youthful to me every day) of 76...

Here is the tribute picture on his website, which is so true of him and his fans, of whom I have been a fan for decades!

Jimmy Buffett passing picture

So grab a cold Landshark or mix up a Margarita and toast Brother Jimmy and all the smiles he gave us on and off the water when he was not fishing.

Jimmy Buffett with Fly Rod in hand

This is as he wrote and sang about his and our lives (or the ones we wished we could have) as we all showed up "just a little too late" to raid and plunder as he did.

Which is my favorite song of Jimmy's and, in many ways, the story of my life also...

And our awesome Music Director here on Flats Nation, Brother Dave Feder, is taking our loss of Jimmy probably more than many since he played with him at various shows.

Dave playing with Jimmy

And they were good friends.

Dave Feder with Jimmy Buffett

Dave told some of those stories about Jimmy on his weekly online show on Sunday 9-4-23

So, Rest in peace Brother Jimmy, as you spend even more time in the hearts and minds of your many fans while traveling slowly through the "No Wake Zone" of our lives... And may you come tight on many Big Permit and Tarpon up there when God is not having you play a few tunes for him! 😎

This is as the rest of us are still trying to reason with Hurricane season again this year.

While the kids are running around and playing out in the rain...

Tight Lines, and God bless!

Dave and the Team

Flats Nation Performance Hoodie in Seagrass green.

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