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Welcome to the new Flats Nation website layout!

Flats Nation home page new layout

Due to all the recent growth, the new format has just been recently published. Our desktop version features a wider article format (up to 4 title blocks across when near or full screen) and a larger category bar for quicker finding and sorting of related content. 😎

We also changed the color scheme and font selections to help with visibility (mostly) for the 8-Track and cassette generation, like myself, across both the desktop and mobile versions, which we have already received some thumbs up on. 👍

You can also enjoy our newer and past audio and related video content in the new "Media" category section, denoted on the top category bar, which now has all our audio articles (podcasts), including Flats Nation sound bites and updates, linked there for listening in one list! This will be useful as we have more media projects in the works already.

And thank you for your support! Hopefully, you are finding Flats Nation both entertaining and educational at the same time. If you want to see a particular product or subject covered, please get in touch with us by clicking Here:

Flats Nation sunset picture

And we love this tagline of No Fish/No Florida!

So much so that we created Tee Shirts and other items to help bring more exposure to this growing effort, and you can view and order your own to wear that we just updated and recently redesigned to related public meetings or just around your home or town by clicking Here!

Flats Nation No Fish/No Florida Tee shirt

Do like and share Flats Nation with Family and Friends if you would 😎 

Many Blessings!

Dave and the Team

Flats Nation Flag

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